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Trading is Recycling!  Get your recycle on now with Tradezer!

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About Us

Hello Tradezer Community,

We are a community driven brand that has been developed to make the Earth a better place for future generations to come! The internet was originally created to make our communities stronger and more productive. Think of this as the begining of the next wave of websites that will actually build our communities into a better position rather than slowly chipping away at the fabric and culture that has made us so unique!

Tradezer was built as "Earth's Recycle Bin"! The true process of recycling isn't stuffing our recycle bins full of cardboard and plastic, it's keeping our landfills and oceans from filling up with items that we can trade with each other!

When we all go to the store to buy things, these products have been replicated to fill the shelves in our big box stores pretty much located in every community throughout the world. The book that you finished reading still has value to someone that has not read it yet. That video game has value to someone that has not been able to grab a copy of it for whatever reason. Your neighbor can trade you a hot meal for you painting their living room, and the uses of Tradezer - Earth's Recycle Bin can go on forever! By trading you will reduce the impact of inflation on your budget and make a difference for a better future.

Tradezer - Earth's Recycle Bin's commitment to sustainability is to improve all of our communities through recycling and upcycling. We at Tradezer believe in giving back to the world to make it a better place. We are not a company driven solely by profits. We will give back a portion of the profits to various charities that share the same vision as us to make the Earth more sustainable for future generations. This will include charities that will help keep the oceans clean of plastics to ensure that there is enough oxygen being produced for all life forms that require oxygen to survive. Tradezer.com makes continual donations to One Tree Planted, https://onetreeplanted.org, to help the environment by planting trees. Together we can help restore forests, create habitat for biodiversity, and make a positive social impact around the world.  We will also work on educating the younger generations on how important it is to take care of our world so that we can sustain life here as long as possible.

Please join us and our communities in making our world a better place by using Tradezer - Earth's Recycle Bin to continue the efforts of making the world sustainable for generations to come!

-Matthew & Barry

Tradezer - "Earth's Recycle Bin"